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W13R2 - First Park Run


It didn’t started well. My Fitbit Versa screen stopped working yesterday. I tried everything that I could find on the forums, nothing worked, so finally contacted Fitbit support. They are amazing. They asked me to carry out few tests and then offered to send a replacement. So I’m without my Fitbit for next couple of weeks.

I almost missed the park run again today, as there was no space in my preferred parking lot so have to drive to another one, but managed to reach just in time.

The run itself was great. It’s an amazing feeling to run with so many people. I did Glasgow to Edinburgh cycle ride few years back, the feeling I had today was similar to that. The run was very well organised. I’m planning to go for my local park run every week.

It didn’t started well but happy that it ended well. Great start of the weekend.

Cheers to all runners!!

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Is there a couch to 5k + app?


There is a podcast called Stepping stone. I started using it after graduation but found it difficult. I’m not at that level yet

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