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Couch to 5K
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Couch... to 5K... to Half Marathon! Breast Cancer won't stop me!

Hi! I'm a total beginner distance runner. C25K is my springboard to the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon next March supporting Breast Cancer Care. Why? Because BCC is a fantastic charity, and I want to give my own breast cancer a right good kicking, that's why!!

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Well PetrinaB, welcome to the forum.............we have to stop meeting like this!!!!!!

Stick with C25K, following on with the Bridge to 10k forum, when ready and then the marathon and race support forum. Plenty of advice at each level from people who have been there. So ask away and post your progress. As you already know........you can do this!!!


Yay! I hoped I'd bump in to you! Run #1 in the bag and I felt great afterwards!


That's the way! You are in control of pace and any repetition you may need to do, so the only way is up. Prepare for your life to change in ways you could never imagine.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Hey brilliant intro and what a fab objective, my little sister kicked breast cancer and finally got the all clear last Autumn. I can't think of a better way to kick cancer's butt than to run. Really want to hear how you get on

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Welcome to our friendly little forum. I'm training for that event too. I'm doing it to mark the 1st year anniversary of donating my kidney to my husband for kidney research. We can cheer each other on with our training and do some kicking along the way. 😀



We have our Kidney Research run soon, looking forward to to running together whilst miles apart xx


Huge welcome..:)

Follow the programme... listen to your body, take your rest days and post often for great support , encouragement and the odd shove if needed:)

With that attitude and that strong smile... IannodaTruffe is correct...you can totally do this:)


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