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Wow w5r3


Completed week5 run three earlier in week wow that was a shock to the system seemed to go on forever and I thought i might have to quit for the first time but managed to creep to the end of it and felt a bit low. but have just got back from run1 week 6 and it was a breeze. Going back to shorter runs I guess is how the programme is designed. how have others felt at this stage.?

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Completing W5R3 is nothing to feel low about no matter how tough you found it, you managed to run non stop fro 20 Minutes and should be very proud of yourself, it's a fantastic achievement.

Many people find going back to the Run / Walk format at the start of week 6 a bit of a struggle, so well done you for getting through it without any hiccups. I personally approached it with caution after reading others warnings about it and didn't find it too bad.

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Thanks for the encouragement I feel a lot better about it looking back now, it's really great to know that others have been through this and take the time to help newbies like myself Thanks 😀

Well done! It’s great to hear someone who actually enjoys W6R1! Lots of folk on here (me included) found it a pesky little thing, possibly due to complacency after the 20 minuter!

Still, you’re lovely and positive, so you’re sure to breeze through the rest of W6 and beyond!

Keep us updated and have fun! 😀❤️

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Thanks for your cheery reply its really good to hear these and makes me feel a lot brighter regarding the tough one's that are still to come

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You’ll do fine - your body will be prepared even if your mind isn’t so sure. Tell your mind your body knows best! 😀

Hi, well done! I am planning W5R3 tomorrow with a friend who runs marathons to keep me company. I’m a little bit apprehensive even though I know I should be able to do it. I’m going to stretch a bit today and keep hydrated. I just hope that tomorrow is one of the “good days”! :-)


I'm sure you will be fine especially with the friend you have with you.i guess I didn't pace myself running to fast too early and left noting in the tank to get me to the end plus it was extremely hot. Best wishes and let me know how it goes

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