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W8R3 - a very different run for me!


So as some of you know I’ve been doing a mix of being in the gym on the treadmill and being outside, with being moreso in the gym recently due to not getting up early enough with the heat.

Well I’ve come for a couple of days away and wanted to do my last run of week 8 outdoors, so what better excuse than to not have a gym nearby?

I’m in the Yorkshire dales and I’m staying on the middle of a hill. Now I live in the suburbs of Manchester, which is pretty flat, so even outdoor running is just a flat course for me (in fact the 1% incline on the treadmill is probably greater).

My warm up walk took me further than I was expecting it to, and at the end of the road I come to the hill. This hill is dubbed as ‘the steep hill’ and it even says it on the road signs. I didn’t want my run back to be uphill, so I decided to run upwards to begin with, with the plan of turning round half way. Turns out I can’t run uphill for probably about 10 minutes.

I ended up just running back and forth between a flattish bit for probably nearly 10 minutes, and went down a bridleway for a short time too (until I came to a steep downhill and decided to turn around there coz I didn’t want to run back up it).

All in all I’m very happy with how my first hills experience and my first 28 minute outdoors went.

I’m very jealous of everyone who gets to live in a place like this everyday, but I’m definitely not jealous of where you have to run 😂

Happy Tuesday everyone x

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Well done 😃. Getting out, and off the treadmill, is a whole new world of fun 👍

Yeah at the start I did all of them outside! Wasn’t until week 5 I started going back to the treadmill. Still tried to do at least 1 outside each week though, just the first time I’ve done it here :)

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