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From dreading it to doing it


Just got back from W5R3 and guess what? I only went and smashed it. I’m now a hot sweaty mess but do I care? Not in the slightest. I had problems with the app I did the warm up walk, started running and then when I thought Laura was going to say I’d run for 5 minuets she said my 5 minuets walk was over and get ready to run ( won’t tell you my reaction but it’s a good job no children were present) so, I figured in my head I’d stop at 17 minuets. Then again half way through it paused again and it was some time before I realised so i decided I’d ran to the end of the program. In truth I don’t know exactly how long I ran for but it was longer than 20 minuets.

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This has been my problem lately, I somehow keep pausing the app. Luckily from previous runs I know where I should be running to.

Well done on completing your run and good luck with your future ones.


You didn't give up!!!! That's all that matters 😊

Well done on keeping at it in a challenging situation, to say the least!!!

Keep going!!!👍


Well done! Big milestone. 👏👏👏

Thanks for all your encouragement. My biggest challenge is finding somewhere flat to run. I’m surrounded by hills. Very pretty to look at but nightmare to run up. Think I’ll be running to the next village and back for the rest of my life.

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