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Reluctant run rebranded


I really didn’t want to go this morning. A combination of not enough hydration (too many summer parties) and not enough sleep (ditto) as well as a general tendancy to all round laziness.

But...i dragged my legs out of bed at 6, pointed them up the lane and forced myself to move. It was hard; it was hot; at one point i thought my head might explode. Even after 15 mins, which is usually when i settle in and start relaxing, i just wanted to stop. So i gave myself permission to stop after 30 mins. When that came round, i was so close to 4k that i decided that had to be my end point (i like neat round numbers). When i did stop (just before i reached melting point) i was astonished to discover that it had been my fastest run ever! So i’m rebranding it from a sulky reluctant and tortuous run to a shiney, streamlined personal best run. Hurrah!

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Fantastic! Sheer determination gets us through even when cutting it fine with common sense. I should know!! Well done! 💪🏼💪🏼😬


Well done! 😎😎😎😎


Funny when the runs we think are pants are actually new PBs 🤔

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