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Well week 9 run 1 done


Went to the gym on Friday as I was feeling quite well recovered from the hike on the Saturday. Felt really good and managed the 30 minutes run no problem. Only 2 more runs until I graduate. I'm already looking at 5k to 10k and 10k to 21k after that. Never too old to start running!!

Decided to finish my week 9 on Sunday as this is the 1st 5k run I've signed up for and cant think if a better way to graduate!!

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Excellent plan. Good luck for your run to the podium!


Slows and steady and maybe a run outside to the podium :)


Can't think of a better way to graduate! Running with a bunch of other people will give you a high. It's so nice to be around other like minded people with a positive attitude.

Wow, I'm learning not to underestimate you, plans for 10k and half marathon! Good for you, reach for the stars!

Good luck for this week. I'm going to be travelling (with my runners), so I'll be on and off line for a few weeks, but I will be looking out for your graduation post. Enjoy it!

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