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Please be gentle chaps

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I can’t find the post now but I read one this morning that caused me some disquiet.

I had had some conversations with the OP that I hope were supportive. This person publicly (and therefore I break no confidence) reported their difficulty in forming friendships and their battle with running over the years.

It is easy to post about how marvellous everything is and less easy to be (genuinely) downbeat and feeling negative. I would just ask that people are a little sensitive to the less robust in the community.

Sorry if this is a bit preachy but I want this to be a place for everyone

HW x

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Not preachy HW! Well said...

Hi Helen, I think that’s a good point. I hope we’re all considerate towards each other on here. 🙂Surely the purpose is to support each other? 😉 We all have issues that have brought us here, and everyone deserves total respect for making the effort, both to run and to post on this lovely forum. 😊

It’s been great to me, and I doubt I’ve have graduated without it. 😀

Please let’s keep it that way! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

I agree with your post helenwheels and as admins we are very mindful that everyone and their views are taken into consideration. All the admins saw the post and were relived when it died down so we wouldn’t want this post to be an addition to the old post and for anymore discussion on that post, that post has now had the replies turned off. We would ask that your replies are along the lines of the way this post has been intended a great reminder of how the forum is here to support one another. Any replies found to be still inflaming an old situation will be deleted to help keep the overall essence of the forum.

Good job RFC

I meant this post to calm and not to inflame

I hope it will 😊

Not preachy at all! We all need to be kind to each other. And we can all start right here. After all we were all new to this forum once.

Just being kind and not judgemental I think goes along way

Well said Helen 👏👏👏👍😀😀

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helenwheels in reply to

Thanks Peggy59. I am sorry that the OP left in a strop, when actually she was making progress and dealing with her demons. I hope she will come back and see that whatever our oddities (and I have plenty) we are a running family here

in reply to helenwheels

Yes I hope she does too! Although I wasn’t aware of this so I don’t know what happened🤔 I just hope that she will give us all another chance.😀😀

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As I recall the OP wasn’t the one who quit the forum but a later contributor.

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helenwheels in reply to Jay66UK

Yes it is her to whom I refer Jay

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