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Just SMASHED w5r1!

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Went out looking forward to my run, and a beautiful day for it was too. Warm up walk and most of the first 5 mins were under a shaded canopy, finishing around an old priory near me. Breathing excellent, mostly five in four out, a new speed for me, it's usually a little faster.

During my next recovery walk, I took plenty of deep breaths: I knew the next five was gonna be hard. Mainly uphill, (the hill I'd just run down) but ending on a flat surface, so everything to run for. Managed it well, but breathing a little ragged now, mainly three to four, occasionally four to four, and then went I to my next recovery walk.

And ended it looking up an incline.

"I'm going to count you into your last run for the day..." Says the lovely miss Millican.

SOD OFF YOU GEORDIE TORTURER! Thought I, but lumbered into the run, actually ENJOYING the hill! It was short, and steep enough so I was running on the balls of my feet, leaning into it and practically springing up it. I ran onto a flat, surrounded by long grass, woods on one side, the sun shining on me and warming me nicely through, until I turned a corner and the Geordie whispered the immortal words through my headphones.

"Just halfway through your last run, you can do it!"

Boom: ROCKET FUEL. My speed increased, longer, smoother strides, breathing deepened and steadied and DAMN I felt alive!!! Pounded that pavement like a cheap boxing bag, ignoring the uppy downy nature of the road, until she told me to stop. The only problem I had was I felt so euphoric on the warm down walk, when daft punk came on I wanted to dance, not walk!

But until they make a couch to salsa mastery app, I'm not even TRYING to bust some shapes in public! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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