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Football crazy. Week 8 run 2


Spent far too long in the pub yesterday, first watching the Swiss getting beaten and then of course England's famous victory. As a Brit living in Switzerland you'll understand I had little choice in this. All of which meant that this morning's run was going to be a bit of a challenge.

It was a warm morning so I went to a nearby village where a relatively flat mountain trail starts at 5,300 feet. Nice and fresh up there, so off I go with Ken Bruce on the headset being interrupted by instructions from Michael. A few minutes before half-way I was convinced that the app must have crashed, until eventually Michael told me I'd done 14 minutes and kindly reminded me that I might want to up the pace a little. Shut up Michael.

I got through the remaining minutes somehow, but boy, was it tough. The views (pic) are absolutely inspiring however, with the Jungfrau glacier looking down on me like a disapproving aunt watching a mischievous child.

Mike's top tip - don’t expect to run very well after spending a long evening in the pub watching football.

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Stunning photo. How could that not inspire you? And well done on the run, not far to go now.


Nice run, Mike! Staggeringly beautiful view!! I'd just want to stand and look at it!!


Wow. Stunning. So jealous of where you live!


Wow. Just wow.

I once ran with a hangover. Never again.

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