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So proud of myself today I ran for the full 25 mins non stop and a distance of 2.08 miles. Even managed to say hello to people I was passing. This is a major achievement to me as 7 weeks ago I couldn’t manage the 60 seconds runs. It’s not easy but I’m sticking with it and it’s paying off. I am determined to be able to run the equivalent of 5k 3 times a week and reverse the effects of my unhealthy lifestyle on my body. Once I’m more physically active I will be concentrating on my diet. One thing at a time - small steps make a huge difference in the long run

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Well done ! know how you feel... finished WK7 R3 last week.. will start W8 R1 tonight... cant believe I've got so far


Well done to you! I'm slightly dreading the 25min runs, but then I never thought I'd make it this far so I think maybe I can! You're right about small steps making a huge difference. Keep at it.

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