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Finding Motivation


I’ve been more seriously doing exercise for just over a year now. My main reasons have always been to do something for myself and especially for my mental health. Recently work and life has got in the way of my exercise and I’ve been making more and more excuses not to go to the gym. I’m not sure why... I was really enjoying it.... so that’s how I found this app, looking for something to motivate me and give me a goal. So here we go! Looking forward to hearing other people’s stories

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Enjoy it! It’s a great program and you can see progress week on week. In fact I’ve been looking back a previous weeks and wondering how on earth I found them hard!

I’ve just completed W4R1 which included 2 x 3 minute runs and 2 x 5 minute runs. When I started on W1, 1 minute seemed like an eternity! I actively look forward to being pushed now, and next week ends in a 20 minute run on W5R3! I say bring it on!

Well done for starting on your running journey. This forum is so helpful and friendly too!


That’s really great to hear, got me excited to get stuck in. Now I’m wondering what I want my rewards to be 🤔😊

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Berry5

I say anything you want! Go for it! 😀😀

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