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Back to the couch = more time to spend on here!


I’ve been sulking feeling sorry for myself and haven’t opened the forum app all week so I’ve just spent 2 hrs so far catching up and realise I can’t! There are so many posts. So a positive to the broken leg - it’s given me time to see what you are all up to! But how do those of you not sitting in a fetching moonboot have time to keep up? It’s brilliant but addictive cos there is so much to read. It’s inspiring and entertaining and amusing in equal measures and I am virtual running with you for the next few months.

Out of interest how long exactly does it take to be able to get back to it? I imagine starting back at week 1 (but keeping proudly hold of my graduate badge please) but would love some advice from anyone about how to restart when the time comes and when that time will be in weeks after injury etc They say 6-8 week recovery but I don’t know what that means in terms of restarting I hope that makes sense!!

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Broken leg? Eeeeek! I can't help you with the return to running question - never had to do it. At least you can hang out here for a bit. I imagine when you can finally run again you might find, like me, that your lungs are way better than your legs. I've just done W7R2 and honestly it was the easiest run so far for my lungs, and my head, but the toughest on my legs as I have arthritis and weak hamstrings. I'm going very carefully to stay off the injury couch.

Regarding posting and time - I work for myself and I've been flat out on an Innovate UK funded project since forever. It's been a nightmare, as the process of R&D can't be shoe-horned into a Gantt chart. In February I asked for some extra time, but they refused and threatened to withdraw my funding. Fortunately my suppliers came through for me and we did an amazing end-of project demo in early June. So I am now free of IUK scrutiny and they've reimbursed the 70% project costs - phew! I am taking it slower this month to re-energise. I slept for 7 hours straight last night for the first time in over a year. I'm also a master at procrastination, and I should be writing articles for another company's website (deadline is tomorrow). But this is a happy place and a supportive place, and I'd rather be here! Ho-hum - I'd better crack on to meet that deadline now! Healing thoughts, hope you're back to it soon.

I broke my foot last fall. I am 56, and the ortho said it would take 12 weeks. She was absolutely right! Of course, young pups heal much faster, so that may not be much of a guide. I bought myself a really good pair of sneakers when I started this program, and they have been worth every penny. While I was laid up, I did upper body exercises to keep my arms and shoulders strong for the crutches. Good luck!!

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Thank you. I’m 58 so its going to be the longer rather than speedy recovery! Glad you are better. So could you run again after the 12 weeks?

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