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Last go at W5R1


So did my 3rd attempt at W5R1 today (just noticed it’s now yesterday) and succeeded so can finally move on. The first attempt was a success but then I was ill so couldn’t run and when I finally did I wasn’t ready and failed.

That’s in the past now and I’m so happy I can finally move forward again. Still getting use to my new trainers but they are very comfortable.

As I ran feeling very tired on my last 5min run I was so happy my run ends in a beautiful place with trees, grass, lake and ducks and some wonderful architecture as it took my mind off running.

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Glad you’re well again.


Well done Kamia!! Good on you for getting back out there and smashing it! I love running outdoors because of the things you get to see (that’s the bit that will forever be a little miracle to me! 😱)! Onwards and upwards Kamia! You’ve done it! Nice! 👏🏽👏🏽😁❤️


Very well done... the great outdoors is great for taking our mind off the run..:) Sounds a beautiful finishing point:) Pikkies maybe?:)

KamiaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I can’t add pics to these comments, I tried to change my profile pic to the water fountain on my run but all I could see when I viewed it was the tops of trees and sky. I will try to add photos on my status from now on.

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