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getting there (mature runner)


hi i've been wanting to introduce myself but have shied away until now. i'm on wk 7 and have just done my third 25 min run. i'm 59 and hadn't run for probably over 20 years, so i was concerned at the start about whether my feet, joints etc would hold up. i've had some initial problems with a swollen ankle and slightly painful feet at times, but i'm pleased to say that they haven't got worse, in fact have improved with the combination of rest and running. i run in minimalist footwear which does present some challenges initially although prior to running i was brisk walking for half an hour most days in them so my feet have on the whole adapted. One more thing is that i didn't expect to really look forward to running and to experience the euphoria in the day or so after running, i like that.

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Well done to you, your doing fab! X

Very well done to you.

Keep getting that euphoria.

You are only a lass at 59 and we have all be blessed with a forever young amazing piece of kit.

83 years young lady graduated last year.

When you get time google 92 vs 98 men sprinters racing over the 100m distance. lol.great.

Keep smiling and enjoying your euphoria.

heathjGraduate in reply to Tbae

thanks, i'll check that out!

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