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Did week 6 run 2 really struggled - now feeling demotivated!


Have really been enjoying the coach to 5K, last night I completed the 25 min run and i had to stop twice. Really struggled with my breathing and hip pain! Now i feel like i wont be able to do 5K ever!!!

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Don’t panic! You’ve got this far and you’ll make it to the podium too. Take it slowly, if you’re having problems breathing are you going too fast? Are you resting suficiently between runs? You can repeat them, you know. Everyone has good and bad runs and everyone finishes C25K at their own pace. By the way, I completed W9 on Sunday and I can’t comfortably run more than 4K. The vast majority of graduates only make the 5K afterwards. 😊👍❤️

Hi Jess, please don't worry if you had a difficult run. These are the ones you learn from....

The breathing now you are on the longer runs is something that will settle, do you know about the toxic ten? During the first five to ten minutes your body has to take on more oxygen to cope with the exertion. You can feel quite puffed until this is fully in your blood stream, so it's a good idea to start the run session gently and slowly, then relax into it as you feel the difference, about 10 minutes in. You say your hip was hurting, is this a new thing during your run? Slowing down and not over striding may help. Run with your head up and nice and tall. A short light step, with your shoulders down and relaxed...

You are doing brilliantly to get to the end of Week 6, and I am absolutely sure you will run 5k, sometime a little after graduating. Be kind to yourself, the weather is humid, nice gentle running, in the coolest part of the day you can manage, and drink plenty of water on non-running days as well as after your run.

You will do it next time....and it's up to you whether you do wk7 R1 next as it us the same run. Maybe have another go and see if you can feel the difference in breathing, once you push through the first 10 minutes.

Good luck 😊x

If your hip is still hurting an extra rest day or two may help,


Take the excellent advice from Bluebirdrunner ... some runs are like that... :)

Slow and steady and really try to relax into the runs..let those newly forming running legs carry you...they know what to do... try to land lightly and let them do their stuff:)

Well done you... chin up and head onwards...gently!


Don’t be downhearted. We all have ‘those’ runs. Take the excellent advice given and keep going! Slowly 👍

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Listen to the splendid SandieF who in turn listened to the truly marvellous Oldfloss who stood at the side of the awesome Bluebirdrunner.

We all get the occasional rubbish day. Doesn't mean you're not going to finish, just that you're human.

My guess is that you're trying to go too fast too soon. Embrace that Inner Snail and slow down more. And then even more. If you're panting you're pushing too hard.

You'll get there :-)


Ooh I feel your hip pain - I suffered with that too and used to have to increase my rest days which really helped - I hope it encourages you to know that the hip pain is something that should subside - I have gone from it being really painful to rarely arising! An excruciating foam roller helped me too! Stick with the programme, you will get through this 😊 And yes slow 'n' steady! I MUST treat myself to a tshirt with that on very soon!

Wise words from Oldfloss and Bluebirdrunner. We’ve all had bad runs, even those of us who’ve moved onto longer distances. It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just that you’ve had a practice run before doing the same run again on a couple of days.

runnersworld.com/health-inj... Hip pain is rotten, but have you thought about doing some dynamic stretches before you set off for your warm up walk. I do the ones on the link before every run after having some difficulties and they seem to help me stretch out. You can also try doing single leg step up with hip extensions on your rest days to help with your hip flexibility.


It will come together, takes time, you can do it - try not to let bad days put you off, it’s all part of the experience and snail’s pace wins the day.

By the way KT tape works a treat, it supports tired muscles - was recommended by my osteopath. But maybe your hip needs an extra day’s rest - take care of yourself.


We all have set backs in life and in running too.......progress is not necessarily upwardly linear.

Have some rest, listen to the advice, do some of your own research and pat yourself on the back for getting where you are........... remember W1?

If you want to run 5k, then you will.

Be positive.

I would put in 2 days rest before next run and move more slowly next time...you can do it ! Continuing or worse pain..go to Doc's 🤒

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