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First consolidation week

An odd week folllowing the euphoria of graduation- just running for the sake of running and with no phone or watch working to judge how long I’d been running for. Tried mixing it up a bit too- first run went a different route which started with a long gentle incline which proved quite welcome on the return journey, second run much of a muchness, then tuesday’s I went out before work as I was working from home. No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I will ever be a morning person.

I’ve been letting my mind wander and i started thinking of all the different reasons people start this program and what is motivating us and how we all have different hurdles to get over.

For me it was about a return to exercise after not being able to fit in my beloved team sports after children, and getting that buzz again and something to focus on just for me. My challenges were trying to fit it in around a full time job with a long commute and very clingy kids. Well I’m not sure I’m getting the buzz yet, but enjoying the space and time to just run and listen to podcasts and as for fitting it in- simply you make time for the things that matter. As for the children, well I got some great tips on here and now my 4year old asks if I’m going running and tells me where to go.

On a final note, I’ll never forget the random lady who spurred me on saying ‘well done, keep going’- little did she know I was on W1R1, I must have looked like I’d run a marathon.

Keep going you lovely bunch still on the journey. Whatever your motivation and whatever the challenges, you will get there in your own time and way.

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Nice post🙂

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Just enjoy these runs.

Don't worry too much about distance or time, unless you really want to.

Run for fun, because you can.

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