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I’ve missed running, so started again ☺️


I graduated from C25K 2 years ago, and from then ran 5k 3 x a week for a year.

I won’t bore you with why I didn’t run for a year, but I have just completed week 1 again and I’m so excited.

I look forward to my ‘ run day’ with excitement, knowing I’m going to feel so much better afterwards.

Can’t wait to regraduate ( if that’s a word) and feel happy content strong accomplished and and safe in the knowledge I’ll be healthier. Again.

I’ve missed running.

So I encourage anyone who is thinking of doing this programme to do so, it will enrich your life.

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Welcome back


Good to have you back LvZ18! Enjoy the journey again 🙂

Welcome back!

I am in a very similar situation - I would have never thought I would at some point in my life admit to have been missing running!

Finding hard to crack through W8 at the moment. I cannot remember if it felt the same when I first followed the program time ago, but hey, I know I can do it.

Enjoy your mileage!!

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