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To Run or not to Run, that is the question!


Today I am supposed to have started week 9 and the graduate podium is beckoning. However, I have been bitten on my foot by some horrible Blood sucking vampire (I think actually a horsefly) and my allergic response to any kind of bite is to swell up, despite antihistamines. Do I ignore my swelling foot and try to run, possibly failing if it swells more during the run? Or do I wait, possibly a few days given my past experience, getting out of the habit of running? If I wait do I redo week 8 to get back into it? I’ve loved this programme, and have never been any kind of excercise person. I don’t want to stop, and maybe not start again.


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If you wait then just start back at where you are now, unless you end up waiting more than two weeks.

It’s up to you - obviously it’s not about speed or distance, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. Maybe just go out and start walking, see how that feels, if it’s not too bad try a really light jog, if that’s okay then just keep going. If you don’t finish the run then that’s okay, it’s a practice one and you know why, just walk the rest of it and at least you’ve still gone out there and done something. Just keep going out and do something on the days you’re meant to run and dress like you would for your run until your foot feels better, that way you shouldn’t get out of the habit.

On the other hand if you feel like rest is going to be better for you then do that.


Ignore at your peril.

We are not medically trained...but...If it is a horsefly you need some steroid cream... the Pharmacy well sell some although not very strong..ideally see a GP.

I only advise this as I have a real reaction to Horse Fly bites!!! Ouch. France 1997!!!

Bicarb mixed into a paste with water will stop the itching.. as scratching will spread the poison...the run will wait until the bite abates... we will pester you to keep going!

Do not run.

Personally..being one who reacts very badly to bites..I wouldn't run if it's already swelling..having a couple of days break isn't going to hurt and may ensure you succeed..

Also rub yourself in garlic..proven to keep vampires at bay..😂

Listen to Oldfloss! Don't run. I got bitten by a mosquito once at the tip of my big toe (I'm allergic to all bites and swell up badly) and although I was in Venice and wanted to run there badly I couldn't ☹️

But after a few days the swelling went down and then I could 🤗

Patience is a good, but hard, lesson for us runners 😏

Lots of ice keeps the itch at bay.

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