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Hi all. I started c25k last week and I'm up to w2 run 3. I've decided to give this a go to help with my stamina on the rugby pitch and help my overall fitness. I bought myself a cheap fitness tracker but it's broken so I'm looking at getting a newer, better one but there are so many out there! Just wondering what people's thoughts are please. The Samsung gear fit 2 looks ok.


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I really like my Fitbit charge 2. The app is really good - when tracking runs it uses your phone’s gps and produces a map of your run with speed, distance and split times which is really nice to see.

Better yet it looks nice, so I’m happy to wear it everyday 😊


+1 for Fitbit Charge 2. Even if you don't track an actual run, it knows you've done a run and will record basic HR info, steps, estimated calorie burn etc.


I like my fitbit charge 2 as well. I don't know how accurate it is, it never agrees with Strava if I run it too. But it is showing the progress in distance and a slight speeding up from my original snail pace. Only slight!! It's a guide. I might ask father Christmas for a proper running watch but for now, along with my phone, it's fine.

If you just want a cheaper thing though the Fitbit flex 2 is also really good. It doesn’t monitor heart rate or elevation but still automatically recognises exercise and pretty much does the same as the others.

Or just download strava and record your runs on that, your phone will do it fine and it’s free :)


Another vote for the Charge 2. I have been using that to track my runs along with my phone and seems pretty accurate. I read a million reviews of fitness trackers before deciding this was good all-rounder unless you get seriously into running. I know they've just brought a new watch out but depends what you want to spend.


I like my Fitbit flex. I swim - splash really to stretch out - and it is waterproof and tracks swimming. Plus survived the steam room and me. I have broken 4 or lost it out of the band but the Fitbit has lasted a year!


I loved my Charge HR, the predecessor of the Charge 2. Upgraded to the Fitbit Blaze simply because the bracelet started coming away and customer services offered me a replacement, which seemed silly since I'd then discovered this was a common fault hence the lack of any dispute when I raised the issue, or alternatively a 50% discount on another model. Just about bit their arm off. It put a lot of models into my budget and reduced the difference between them so I went for the Blaze and so glad I did. Perfect for its purpose. The app and goals suit me very well and I need to track my sleep. You can't go wrong with any of the above as the app is the same and the band is personal choice and weighing up your own needs. Good luck with your purchase.

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