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Good fitness tracker?


I want to get a new fitness tracker, Fitbit type thing, that will not just track steps but be useful for running. Does anyone have any tips on which of these are the best, and not outrageously expensive? Thanks in advance!

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Android phone / watch or Iphone/ Apple watch.

Download the free app 'Endomondo'


I use the TOMTOM runner watch. It has a GPS, a timer, a pacer, and you cant get a heart rate band for it! It also connects with an app for you phone so can review your progress! I find it's nice to run without holding a phone, leaves your hands free which is good for balance. Here is the link, I think it is on sale!


My phone works pretty well, with GPS. But are you wanting something else?

Same as ejvcruns - I have my phone in a belt. I know there are apps for my watch, but I'm not really deft enough to use that. It does tell me my heart rate but I don't really look at that until I get home!


My husband uses a Garmin for his cross country/trail runs.they are way cheaper than fitbits but really good

Thanks for the comments, I'll have a look at the garmin/ Tom Tom options. I use my phone to track my running at the moment but as I need s new Fitbit I wondered if there were any that were particularly good for running.


A key advantage of a running watch compared to a mobile phone is that it can be worn 24 hours a day, tracks sleep, steps, calories, heart-rate (if it has an optical heart-rate sensor), probably can give you notifications from your phone, will last one week before needing to be recharged, AND is on your wrist during the run, so that you can see distance/time/heart-rate/pace etc whilst you are running.

Over the years, I've run with iPod & Nike+ accessories, FitBit Flex, tomtom sportwatch, Garmin VivoActive, just a mobile phone, and now Garmin ForeRunner 235. Obviously this market is developing every year, but the FR235 is leaps and boards ahead of everything else that I've had. I've worn it 24/7 for nearly 2 years, and it is bomb-proof. OK, not cheap. But very, very good. The running watch needs to have GPS, ideally GLONASS satellite tracking.

After regular nagging (?encouraging?) by Mrs MarkyD, I now always run with my iPhone, with MPOW Magneto bluetooth headphones. Let the FR235 take care of my running needs, and my iPhone take care of music. And since the FR235 is always connected to my iPhone over bluetooth, if I receive a phonecall whilst running, a quick glance at my wrist tells me if it is my Domestic Chief of Staff, a work colleague or someone else. iPhone never leaves the running belt and I can answer the call from the MPOW headphones.


As others say, there are loads of free run tracking apps.

Don't forget the safety aspect of carrying your phone........broken leg, mugging, stuck in swamp, heart attack, Martian invasion........these things can happen to anyone..........

I always run with my phone and a GPS running watch.

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