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W6R2 and not happy


I’ve had a strange experience today. I completed the run, regretting eating pasta an hour before (made me feel a bit sick, won’t be doing that again), but don’t feel any sort of pride, or the usual high afterwards of checking another one off the list. Maybe it’s because I had a peek and discovered the rest of the programme is just one long run per session. Maybe it was the pasta.

Must go to Pinterest and find a motivational statement about how the occasional ‘bad’ run is normal, not to give up etc...

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Sorry, but that made me laugh. Yes, a big meal before can really drag you down.

Peeking ahead, well that can work just like sneaking a peak at a Christmas pressie under the tree... takes all the anticipation away.

It's a different mental battle when you shift into the long runs. There's a deep rooted fear that we can't do it. But you can and will.

Every run cannot be great but there's something great in every run 👍

Nothing worth achieving is easy. 😉

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That's the PERFECT quote! JoJo 👍😍

I had a similar experience on W6R3, so bad in fact that I couldn't or didn't complete the run, too much negativity crept in I think. At least you made it to the end that's a bonus right there and you should be proud of that.

Even a bad run is better than no run :-)

The only thing I can run on is two wheetabix. I feel your pain with the pasta.


Hey don't you worry, you're doing just fine :)

I know what you mean about the food thing. I ran about 45 minutes after a small-ish meal the other day, and whilst I didn't feel sick, I struggled with breathing more, and felt more tired, so it's definitely worth waiting a bit longer if that's what your body seems to be saying.

Regarding the longer runs... well, at least you know what's coming I suppose ;) You've done the training for it though, so there's no reason it won't be fine. Just remember to pace yourself, slower than normal until you get used to the longer runs. Better to start slow and have enough left in the tank for a faster 2 minutes at the end, than to set off like a rocket and run out of puff before the end.

On the plus side too, your next 4 runs are 25 minutes I think, so it gives you plenty of practice at running for longer in one go. I'm convinced you can do it, you might just need a bit of practice at finding what works for you regarding the longer runs.

All the best!



Wow! Loads of great replies already! Nothing I can add really. Maybe look back to where you started 6 weeks ago. Could you have done this run at all then? I hope a bit of tingly pride creeps in as the day goes on! 😀


You guys are just the best support, thank you!

I will persevere. And yep, when I first started this programme I used to look at post titles about week 6 and imagine the writer to be some exotic gazelle-like superhuman, and yet here I am*!

Thank you all for taking the time to share your own stuff and offer encouragement, it helps a lot :)

Good luck all on your next runs!

*just to confirm my transition into gazelle has not occurred. Yet.


Yes - ditto what everyone else is saying. W6 is a tough one - I struggled with that until I got to R3 - for some reason that was better. A lot of people say that the longer runs are (not easy) but easier as you can just really get into it without any breaks. I wish my husband would listen to me regarding the food - because I get exercise-induced migraines he keeps making me eat loads before I run - I run along feeling like Mrs Blobby! I really don't think it makes any difference to the migraines.

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Oh my, I have never heard of exercise induced migraines. Top marks to you for still exercising!!!

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Ha ha! Thank you. No - I hadn’t heard of them until I started getting them- i always thought exercise helped migraines!


Just a bad run ..You can do this.. move on ...another day awaits your doing great 😊😊


Just an off day plus the pasta, nah. But despite everything you did it, so you have the right to be proud, it is tough!


Ooh! I did your pasta thing (with a ginormous bowl of fruit) a few weeks ago (W3 I think). That run felt like SUCH hard work (sausage legs, cramps, super sweaty 🤢) as my body was trying to digest. If you've felt pretty pleased with yourself up to this stage... then it's a hop skip and a jump to negativity-ville. By the end of it, I felt like a total failure... like I'd peaked early... like I was a running imposter.... and that it would all be downhill from here.

But you know what.... it passed for me.... and it will for you too. I'll be doing W6R2 tonight. The thing that amazes me (and that I didn't at all appreciate before starting C25K)... is how much of this process isn't about PHYSICAL fitness (especially shifting into longer runs). We're also learning about confidence, self-motivation, grit... and how to slay negativity dragons when they come out of nowhere (not an easy task). And I think that's a wonderful thing!

Keep going! You're doing amazingly well. 😍😍😍

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You’re right. I feel fortunate I haven’t had much physical protest from my body doing this programme, but my mind... what a git!

I like your dragon analogy, will think of it like that on my next run 🗡 🐉

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'at a girl!!! 😍 Go out there and knock down those mind-bending dragons!!! Grrr!!! ⚔🐲

I find music helps. Check out my W6 running playlist Lilipolpo. Some of that magic dust may come in handy in your quest. 😉🧚‍♀️

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