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Slow and steady wins the day!

So after struggling with my breathing and really struggling with w5r2, I asked for advice here which I've put into practice tonight... And it worked 😀 My natural instinct is to run too quickly which I can't maintain for more than a few minutes before running out of air. New technique; *jog* on the spot for a second then move it forward at the same pace, easy does it. And so I ran for the first full five minutes of w5r1. Then ran through the 3 min rest. Then kept going 2 1/2 minutes into the next run... Yay is me! Yes it's slower but also *further*. To strugglers out there, you Can do it!!

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Sounds good! Nice and steady pace, there's plenty of time to work on speed later. You should feel proud of your 5 minute run. Well done!


Very well done so pleased you have found your slow and steady happy pace.

Keep smiling.🌟👏👏

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