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Back pain in week 4

I completed W4R2 last night. It was a good run even if the last part of it was uphill! I was wondering if anyone else had any back pain after running. I noticed it during W3 also but it seems to be getting worse (still mild pain but don’t want it to be exacerbated). It’s the middle part of back and it’s feels like muscular pain. Is it possibly my posture when running? Is it because I was quite out of breath during parts of the run? Any advice or stories of similar issues would be appreciated.

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Runners need good core strength. I got lower back aches after my first few 10 mile runs which required plenty of regular planks and bridges to cure.

Good posture is important. There is a link to a nice simple guide to running posture in the guide to the plan


Thanks for this 🙂


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