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Revenge of the Sixth

OK, so this morning it did feel more like 'Revenge of the One Love rum punch' - we went out to celebrate Dhiny's birthday at a Caribbean-themed restaurant (food good but portions could've been a bit bigger, also music too loud to speak to anyone properly) and then desert at a fantastic ice-cream place where I know the owner's family (not crowded, music at good level, excellent portions)

So was it any wonder I didn't much feel like getting up to do the 5k required to get my Death Star shaped medal? The alarm went off and I...turned over and snuggled up to Mr Psycho, who then said "don't you have a 5k run to do?"

"...I can do it later when you've gone to work"

"Stop putting it off, do it now while It's cool and get it out of the way. Go on," he shook my shoulders, "chop-chop, you slacker"

what a slave driver. What choice did I have but to don my kit and head off to do 5k? it was cool out, though the sun was starting to come through the mist and gave me a bit of a headache where it did so, but i managed 5k in just over an hour which adimittedly probably would've been less if I hadn't stopped to look at scenery and kept my speed up but hey it's still a pretty good time and now I get to hold onto my medal (which VR sent out early before the events) and not feel bad about it.

Today has been lovely weather-wise, I've been so energised since my run, I've done 3 loads of washing and tidied up the master bedroom of the Psycho Abode.

Supper can wait a bit though, it's too hot to cook (number 10 on the list of 'things people from the UK don't say very often' ;) )

Take care

MrsPsycho out xx

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Well done MrsPsycho! I also did my VR run today. There’s likely a few of us on here. Feels good to get it done 😊


Yes, yes it does. My “don’t want to run’ feeling was made better by finding my water bottle in my backpack and that it still had water in it on the way back. Probably helped me burn off the rum punch

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Well done you - I walked 5k butt didn't set out to do so, was showing a friend around the village. Result was - 1 blister on my toe, blister under my foot, blister & laceration to friend's toe and all because we were not in correct footwear! Oh, and a bit of sunburn to boot because 1) we didn't realise how hot the sun was & 2) we were only intending to walk to the churchyard about 500yds away! How carried away did we get looking at the history & scenery of our village :)


Toasted Dhiny a la Galloise?


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