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How slow is slow?


I've been wondering this for a while now, and having just got through week 5, I'm curious as to the direction the plan goes next.

I'm a fervent believer in going slowly since I wiped out a run in W4 - and slowing down is really working well for me.

But, OTOH, the course is called 'c-2-5k' - I know full well that that the speed I'm currently able to go at it's going to be more like c-2-nearly 4k.

As at w5, we're more or less finished with the walking intervals does the focus shift to trying to build up pace a bit? What sort of pace do people get to toward the end? Or really is it a case of the course actually being c-2-30mins and I should just put distance completely out of my mind?

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Nope, you keep your pace as it is. I graduated at a “nearly 4K pace” and that is fine.

Although it’s called c25K.... c 2 thirty minutes is actually more accurate.

Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x

Lee1167Graduate in reply to Lillybeth30mins

Same here - nearer to 4K than 5 when I graduated on Sunday. My plan now is to work up to 5K. "Couch to 30 minutes running without stopping" doesn't really trip off the tongue does it. As long as you are jogging, your heart rate is up and you work up a bit of a sweat pace is irrelevant.


This is about being able to run non stop for 30 minutes, it literary doesn't matter how far you go in that time frame.

Go as slow as it takes for you to hold a conversation without gasping for air. Your slow is not the other guy's slow, so again, it makes no difference.

You get yourself comfortable, that's the one that counts. Once you run for 30 minutes in one go, then you can decide what mileage you put in that box. If it matters at al... ;)


Agree with all of the above. I did C210K many years ago and just started this c25k. All the advice then was dont worry about pace. When you complete the course and can run 30 mins non stop you'll find you can then go on and run 5k albeit may take longer than 30 mins. But who cares 5k is great and you get quicker naturally over time. The secret is to avoid injury and fatigue. Dont increase your pace or distance by more than 10% per week

It’ll come, remember your slow is someone else’s fast!!


It is all covered in the guide to the plan


its all about training your body to run for 30 min , 5k not important

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