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There and back again

Today I decided was a good day to map out a route for October's Virtual Run - 'Rock Your Run' which is a minimum 10k if I want my medal. I went to Mr Psycho to his place of work and told him and myself that I was going to walk home from the point I intended to finish (basically, I planned to do the course backwards)

After a few diversions - buying a birthday present for someone and fortifying myself with a cuppa from my favourite cafe , I walked up to the point I intended to finish, fired up 'Zombies, Run!' on a 'endless' supply mission and headed off along my intended route, pausing it when I got to the supermarket, did a quick shop which I packed into my backpack, then started it up again, did one lap around the park and was home in about an hour.

Apparently from my end point to my house (and so the same is true of the return journey) it's 5k. So, it looks like I'm going to have to go to my end point. I can probably pause for a few minutes to catch my breath, then I'm going to have to head home again....looks like I'm going to sleep very well that day!

Since i got home i've unpacked the shopping, done the dishes, polished the bookcase before I finally emptied out some boxes that contains mine and Mr Psycho's DVDs and put them on said bookcase, swept the floor downstairs and cleaned the stove and put bleach down both the loos.

Just call me Wonder Woman, I'm going to have a well-deserved sit down now

Take care

Mrs Psycho out xx

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