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Get out of that bed!!


This week has been a deliberately lazy week by comparison with the build up to my long run. I already decided to take things a bit easy when my ankle developed an odd niggle which am pleased to say has disappeared.

So Thursday I did a short run to make sure my ankle was ok before setting out for my more normal run today.

After my recent comment about using RunGo and having a few issues with it, I was contacted by CraigAtRunGo at RunGo and am pleased to say am happily using the app again.

So I settled down last night with my phone to see if I could find a new route and found that I could cut my long run in half thanks to a shortcut path from one canal to the other.

It was good to be able to do this route as it brought in new elements to my running. For a start a railway bridge had to be ascended and descended and since my first “walk” over it I have found my running legs do work going up and down steps 😆. In my shortcut route of today I had a second railway bridge to traverse but this has a ramp which I chose to run up and down instead of using the steps.

Not being on a plan today I decided to just do whatever I wanted. The route had extensions to it which could change the distance if I wanted depending how I felt, but I chose to keep it shorter. But with that mindset I did not worry about stopping en route to take a quick pic. I am enjoying this new route but am already looking for new ones to keep things fresh.

I spotted this Swan on its nest this morning and it made me smile .. it was "still in bed"!!

Happy running everyone, keep believing in yourselves.

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Go Richard... well done and a great pikkie too :)


Well done for getting up. I've not tried an early run yet, probably because I am not a morning person.

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