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Having another go at c25k


Nearly 5 years ago I took up the challenge as an unfit and overweight person. I actually graduated and carried on running (plodding describes it better) for some time. Loved it.

Personal pressures took over. But now I am back. Am still overweight and unfit! Was doing fine and my dog loved going out with me too. Then I got shin splints. Have been resting from running but continue to go walking. Have new shoes after getting my gait analysed - great fun.

Any tips on getting over shin splints and then avoiding recurrence?

I really want to complete the program again.

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Welcome back.. check this post out for a few reminders..:)


Link this with a healthy eating regime... and when heading out...in your new shoes... keep it light and gentle.

Warm up really well... and stretch after each and every run..


You will complete it... we are here to run with you...I will be the one whispering, slow and steady :)


Make sure you don’t lace your trainers too tightly - strangely it is preferable to have slightly movement at the heel than lacing tight to your ankle. Alleviated my shin splints immediately.

Good luck! Onwards and upwards!

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