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W1R3 Completed


With Dakota by Stereophonics blasting loudly in my ears, I completed my third run in five days so I can look back on week one and reflect on the lessons learned. There are a few positives -

Firstly, I'm up off the sofa which is in itself some kind of miracle. As long as the journey might be I've at least made a start.

Secondly, this is a really supportive community to be part of. With the exception of my wife (who may notice me going AWOL 3 times a week) I've not told anyone what I'm doing so it's no small thing to be able to take comfort in the kindness of strangers who are going through the same thing.

On the down side I'm getting a bit tired of Laura my trainer's sunny disposition. She has far too much faith in the restoration power of eating a banana! They should have someone like Greg Davies doing one of the voiceovers saying stuff like, "Well done fat lad, you've finished the week you can order a Domino's!"

My run was a day earlier than planned - no, I wasn't just too eager to wait, I'd seen tomorrow's weather forecast and didn't fancy going out in heavy rain. So I've got a couple of rest days now before I start week 2... I need them!

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I agree on the banana front! 😂


Love your choice of music! Works for me too!


Well done Ricky! Great attitude. I have Sarah Millican on my app, was hoping for some realism, but she goes on about bananas too 😂

I had Mr Smooth ( Michael J ) I can truthfully say I can’t recall him talking about bananas..., but maybe that’s because I was in a dreamlike trance every time he told me I could do it! :)

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