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Wk1 not quit yet !


Did run 2 of wk 1 . Very early days & had to push myself to get on with it . Getting changed into run ning stuff & my head keeps saying I can’t be bothered & cant face it BUT once outside & committed I thought this is ok & then a few tunes I thought I really like this ; like being outside & like the fact I’m actually doing the programme .just getting through the negative thoughts to step outside is hard . Wondering if it’s always like that ?

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Welcome to this... check out the post for Newbies ( if you have not already ) Loads of great advice. Take it slow and tale it steady... you will get into this..just follow the programme gently and relax into it. :)

Well done you :)

well done on starting the programme! You will find that some days you feel more motivated than others. I have to force myself out there sometimes, but I have never regretted going out or a run. Never. I always come back feeling better, and that is what gets me out of the door! I hope you feel the same.

Keep going! 😊

Before you go to bed / go to work, lay your running gear out so it is staring at you as a reminder. And then as you are getting changed, pop in here and read the great posts. You will soon be trying to find time to run as opposed to avoiding it.

Just take it nice and slow as you get into it. Enjoy the journey.




No, in a few weeks you will be so impatient for your next run that you will be wanting to do the needful t straight after the last. Stick to the plan and you will become a run junkies.


I put my running stuff on yesterday lay on my bed for 10 mins and then took it off. At least you got out, so we all have days like that.

Fifi18 in reply to Beccym

Lol !!


It is hard at first, I think because you know it's a tough challenge, so it's a whole lot of effort, and little enjoyment. As you progress through the weeks, you will feel the achievement, and look forward to the runs. In fact you will feel disappointed if something interrupts your schedule.

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