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I Need That Buzz


After graduating c25k in December last, I'm still getting out there mostly every other day and doing 5k - sometimes a bit less and even 6k a couple of times. I've discovered the joy of running slowly. I think I'm more interested in endurance than speed (not that I've ever been fast). So I think I'll slowly try to build myself up to 10k now that Spring is allegedly just around the corner. I'll be following JuJu's 10k plan from the Bridge to 10k forum, or at least a modified version of it with more shorter runs squeezed in just to make sure I don't go too far too soon. There's no rush. I've also found some grassy trail that I can incorporate into my runs and gets me off the unforgiving tarmac. That makes it much easier on the old knees. I want to be able to keep doing this as long as I can. I just enjoy running. I'm a reformed couch potato and now couldn't do without the buzz I get from running.

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Great story.🌟👏👏

So many options, and good luck with your continued enjoyment.🌟👏👏

Just keep on keeping on👍🌟👏🌟


It's never too late........

..........glad to know you are firmly hooked!.


Great to see you back !

Slow running... ahhh... music to this Old Snail's ears... took me 1 hr 11 minutes to run 8K yesterday :) Wonderful :)

You sound to have a great plan and not rushing is perfect :) The grassy trails will be idea.. if they are dry-ish... I got very wet feet yesterday !

Looking forward to your posts again x


That’s fab! I’m hoping that after graduation, and a good few weeks or months at 5k, that I’ll be able to go to 10k too! In awe!

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