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Pushing harder!


Week 2 Run 2!

I can't believe this. I am running 1.5 minutes solid. In all the 6 runs, the last 30 seconds felt like the toughest. But I remember myself thinking that the one minute run was the toughest during week 1. So I can push my body, right? It is really hot here. Burning. I forget that. I keep running. If someone said, you can live one day longer if you run today, wouldn't I push? I keep running. If I am doing the same for a cause, would I stop? I keep running. If this can help my mind, and make my life better, wouldn't I do? I keep running. And I will keep running even if it meant pain at the end of the day. Why? Along with all this, I get happiness. A thrill that I am trying something new and beneficial. I remember the motivation I got from the people in this wonderful forum. :) Keep running guys. There is something addictive in this.

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Motivation and positivity is fantastic... pushing that hard is not :)

Pain is not a part of this programme.... slow structured and steady build up.... enjoyment not endurance... :)

Well done for running, but, at this very, very early stage, if you are pushing and in pain at the end of the day... you may very well end up on the IC ...

Remember someone also said..

"Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush, stumble and fall."


aruvi in reply to Oldfloss

Haha :) I did not know that I can push my lungs for 1.5 minutes of run. That is what I meant by pushing harder and experiencing pain. Yes, I will remember the advice "Slow and Steady" and that is how I am going to take it :)

Take the advice of Mentor Oldfloss.🌟👍👏👏


Many coming to running believe that they have to push hard to develop...........this is the commonest mistake for newbie runners. I was in the precisely the same place when I did C25k, nearly five years ago, but as I have learned about the science behind the adaptation of the runner's body, I realised how wrong that is. New runners should not push hard.

This might help you healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Take care.

Your post has thrilled me! Well done. Happy running 😊

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