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First run after graduation

So I had a very enjoyable run today. I’ve started a new program to help me get to 10K. This is an app by zen labs. So I’ve started from the 5k graduation week. For them starting after that is Week 9 Run 1

This run consisted of

5 min warm up walk

10 min jog

1 min walk

You do this 4 times. Then it’s a 5 min cool down walk

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Sounds good

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Sounds a nice plan -I can’t remember the name of the one I bought but it had a really awful shouty American man and he put me off, so I ended up doing my own thing. Whereas our ju-ju- ’s plan would have been absolutely perfect.

I always think a plan, seems to help keep you focussed, rather than my previous random running.

Good luck getting to the magic 10

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