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W6R3 Woohoo!


I either lay awake all night or dreamt that I'd lain awake (more likely as I went out fully refreshed) all night thinking of this morning's run. I was really nervous but it was great!

I had just noticed, as I walked home during the cool down, that I no longer amble. I stride - panther-like (I imagine) and with purpose. And suddenly it happened. Michael Jordan called me a runner and I thought, "Yes Annie, you flipping well are!" I have athlete's feet ... and legs and heart and everything! 😊

Anyhoo, W7R1 on Thursday and as soon as C25K is finished I'm going to join the local running club and ask Michael Jordan to marry me!

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Michael Johnson I am sure will accept also.🤔👏👏😂😂😂

Very well done.🌟👏👏


Keep running are doing brilliantly 😊x

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Annie the panther... I like it!👍


Fantastic 👏👏 go Annie 🏃🏼‍♀️🎉


Hi msanni - I hate to tell you this, but MJ is already taken and he seems to play the field a bit.... Mr Smooth was my coach of choice and I thought I was ready to let him go, but he still sends me date reminders to run, three times a week, even though I graduated in August.

Well done you and it's great that you’re panthering already....

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