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Garmin 235



There’s been a few posts on here asking about activity trackers.

Just in case anyone is still looking, the deal of the day on Amazon for today (19th March) is a forerunner 235 for £160.

I’ve never seen them that cheap - it suggests a new model isn’t far off to be honest - but it’s a great running watch (heart rate, GPS, Auto upload of activity, notifications - SMS, WhatsApp etc.) so the fact it’s ‘last year’s model’ shouldn’t put you off if you’re after this sort of thing.

Hope this helps someone!


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Thanks for that.. I am sure folk will be grateful... :)

I've been looking for a gps watch so I do t need to carry round my phone! Is it easy to synchronise and upload a run to Strava?

BenK123Graduate in reply to DavRoss

The watch will auto-upload to Garmin Connect when you finish the run (assuming your phone is in range - it bluetooth connects to it). You can then get Garmin Connect and Strava to talk to each other automatically so that the run is transferred ( It typically takes a couple of seconds from the end of the run to it turning up on Strava (but I carry my phone with me for music...). If you've not got your phone nearby at the end of the run, then it should store it and synchronise the next time it's in range.

I also use the 235 for my cycle commute. Same deal - ride appears on Strava as soon as all the connecting parts are lined up.

Note that you can also use the "old" approach of a cable to your computer (using the Garmin Express application) to get the activity onto Garmin Connect. It'll still transfer to Strava without any extra effort.


Thanks Ben! I hope to run without my phone! But good to know I won't need to carry it as well! Thanks


Thanks for posting this Ben. I have been dithering over one of these for a while now but at that price it was too hard to resist.

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