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Week 8 going well

So started week 8 this week after the first run (and getting lost) I was rather ill from dehydration and blood loss lesson learned DRINK MORE WATER!!

Today 28 mins felt more easier, and still feel proud every time the 5K badge comes up 😁

Keep going everyone, every step counts there is no wrong way to do this, just do it your own way and at your own pace BE PROUD.

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Brillant. 🌟👏👏

I have not seen the 5 k badge 🤔, yet.🤔

Good luck from a Stone Age Techie dinasaur🦕

What a post. 👍👏👏🌟


If you look back on my profile you’ll see it


Thanks and keep bringing your gems.🌟

I am going to enjoy catching up with your story also.👏👏🌟

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