Couch to 5K

Goals and Gremlins

After the week of snow and ice it was great to be greeted by warmer mornings and ice free pavements.

This was week 3 of Ju-Jus 10K plan and saw runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Busy this weekend and didn’t want to miss a run!

Friday was the longer of the 3 runs and this time I was accompanied by gremlins shouting at me on the way around to stop, do it another time and so on but determination got me to the end of the run. I think mentally I was aware that normally I did my long run on a Saturday or Sunday and this gave rise to doubts - so now that I know I can do it I have that in my arsenal against the gremlins for next time.

My midweek run was a 5K and I chose a new route which took in more hills than usual. It was good to set myself a new challenge but it was a tougher run than I had done for a while. I need to get better at running hills so will be doing it again but not for a week or two.

It’s funny when I finished C25K I missed the structure of the plan and now that I am doing another plan it’s a strange mix of enjoying the new goals each week sets and also missing the freedom to do other things. I guess the important thing is that the plan whether C25K programme or something else is a means of achieving our goals and will lead us to new levels with our running and fitness.

Happy running everyone, stay safe and keep believing.

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Keep going, you are doing great.

I remember loving the freedom having completed C25K and found my own way to 10k just using the 10% rule. It comes down to individual personality, I think.

10k, which only a few months ago was a weekly weekend run is something that I am having to slowly build back up to, so I can empathise with your experience.

We will get there.


Thanks - about a month ago I did get to 8K but my increase was all over the place even though I thought it was OK (ie following 10%) - in this respect the plan is definitely helping. Still haven’t done a ParkRun and keep thinking about a local Running Club - both on hold until I finish the 10K plan now.

I hope your build up goes well.

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