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Around again!

I feel like a serial couch to 5ker. I graduated last year after the third attempt but found the winter defeated me, leading me to fall from grace with few runs in December. This was exacerbated by January food poisoning, January Flu, February throat virus, throat infection then chest infection.

I have not run since beginning of January so started at week three today. I can't believe how bad I feel, breathless, no energy, legs ache. I really hope this is a hang up of the chest infection that needed a course of antibiotics.

Anyone else struggled with coming back after illness? An any tips for sustaining the running bug during the winter? #fairweatherrunner...

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Just build yourself back up again nice and slow.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Man alive you've had it tough this year! You keep coming back, that's the main thing 👍🏼


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