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Should I be going for it?!!

My first post, and could really do with advice. Today is the long waited for w9r1 and I’m a bit anxious to say the least. I’ve kept up so far, but not particularly comfortably. Trouble is Week 8 I only went out once because of the weather, but I did go sledging!! This resulted in usual bumps and bruises, but also in the evening I suddenly strained my back. It’s feeling better having rested since Thursday.

Tonight is the run with the running club I joined to motivate me to do this. I’m usually at the back of pack, so not sure what will happen. They are brilliant - v supportive, and say go as slowly as you need- one of the helpers always stays at the back.

Question is having missed 2 runs and back a bit sore, what to do??? It’s graduation on Saturday finishing at the pub, will be about 20 of us who all started with the club together, and I really want to graduate with them

Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts, thanks Lynn

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I say still go. The difference between w8 and w9 is only two mins so even if you can only do a w8 run that's only a bit less than they'll be running for and you never know, they might inspire you to keep going that bit further. BUT take proper notice of your back and if it's causing you grief then stop.


Yes thanks - I’ll give it a go tonight, and see what they say at the club

Thanks for the reply


As far as this forum is concerned, we only consider you have graduated if you have completed all the runs. You can tell us you have, even if you haven't, nobody is checking, but this is a training plan not a check box exercise, so who is cheating who?

Run if your back is comfortable, rest if not.


I hope I’m not cheating? Just want to finish what I challenged myself to do with the rest of the group

I have found all the support on here and reading lots of the comments, really useful - was just after some thoughts as to whether practicable to carry on into week 9 having missed two runs, and running with a niggly back pain

Will give it my best shot, the worst that can happen is I need to go back to week 8 again

Thanks for the reply


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