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Wk6R1 - neighbours!

I read that this might be a difficult week but again the programme proved that my biggest obstacle is my brain. Freezing cold but sun out and on such a high when completed last run. I have a friend at work who is selfie queen and was going to attempt one at end of run capturing river view as well as sweaty face but then had best conversation with an elderly neighbour I’d never met before who knew loads about my village. What a great end to a great run.

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Well done! The memory of chatting to the elderly neighbour better than the selfie - and anyway, you can do that next time. I've found neighbours can be a great help - my neighbour spotted me out jogging (I'm not sure I can really call myself a runner at the speed I go) and said I saw you out running , you looked very smart and doing well - that impressed me and boosted my confidence no end. What a difference from when I started when I felt rather self-conscious.

I bet your neighbour was impressed too - yes, the brain is the most important part in everything we do! Let it keep telliny you "You can do it"

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