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Ok ok no more self doubt

07.30 up , trainers on , headphones on W4R1 LETS GOOOOOO !!!!!! After big big dollop of self doubt on Friday after wrapping up W3 I decided nothing ventured nothing gained and just went for it . Now I’m not going to say it was a breeze, but it was a lot better than I worried it was going to be . It’s still that last run segment that is doing me . Now on to W4R2 on Tuesday with the mindset, I CAN DO THIS . Thanks everyone who gave me some sound advice and encouragement it is very much appreciated. Now I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the day , and help my daughter with her maths homework, ....fractions oh great !! I think I’d rather go out and do the run again !!!!

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Well done on completing W4R1....😊That's a great attitude to have now too. Believe in the program and yourself..

If you are running out of steam by the end of the session, try starting much more slowly, it may feel a bit silly but will be useful to you as the running time gets longer...

Good luck with W4 R2..you are doing this!😊....


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