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Week 3 Run 3

Not much to report from this run tonight. The Park was pretty quiet. The wife carried on walking while I trotted off. As alkways I went a little too fast for the first minute and a half but managed to calm mysdelf and slow down for the rest of the run, which went without a hitch. I also was surprised that I managed to control my brething well during the walks. Looking forward to kicking week 4 out iof the park

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Very well done you...both :) x


Yay. Well done. Keep slow and keep going πŸ˜„


My sister and I have just completed w3 r3 this morning too (not together as we live 40 miles apart, but we’re running on the same days to motivate each other lol!).

We’re just debating whether we might repeat at least one of the w3 runs - w4 seems such a massive jump!


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