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BBC1 - The truth about getting fit

I saw the trailer for this programme and thought I'd have a look at the synopsis to see if it had any relevance to our running community. This section caught my eye:

In Loughborough he meets a sports psychologist to learn a way to finally stick to his fitness plans. In an experiment that has never been done before, he discovers that the so-called "runners’ high" is caused by a chemical similar to illegal drugs. And Michael puts his own excuses to the test as he discovers that running might not be so bad for his joints after all.

I have a feeling we may be joined by some newbies soon.

Happy running folks

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I am waiting for this program as we have had a little heads up it will feature the app from our sister forum, active 10. It is the One You app from Pulblic Health for England to get people walking. We are all spruced up on there ready for a new influx as well. Don’t forget to tell anyone who isn’t ready to run yet we have their back and offer great support and encouragement over on that forum just like we do on here. I think these programs are fantastic so much help and motivation from one program.


I run with a group two nights a week and my third run is done using the app, which I have found useful. I have finished W3 and I have surprised myself to get this far. I’m quite determined to carry on with this challenge and more motivated. I do believe in another 6 weeks time I will be able to run 5K. 🏆


I hope my GP was watching! He told me, when he was trying to sell me Statins, that running was bad for me and I'd suffer with painful joints further down the line.

I'm expecting another call from him today. I might ask him if he watched it. Mwaaaaaaahaha


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