Couch to 5K

Getting Fit at 56

I just finished Week 1 and I absolutely love this program. I'm 56 and have been somewhat active, meaning exercising whenever I felt like it or had time. I quit running years ago and told myself I couldn't run anymore--too old, some arthritis in a knee. It is amazing how loud the "no" voices in my head can be. My sister told me about the C25k plan--she's a little younger than I am and I thought if she could do it, maybe I could too. The first day out I was pretty creaky, the second day I went too fast and felt wiped out the rest of the day, today was just right. I didn't get a full night's rest last night and woke up feeling tired and thought there was no way I could do a session today. The "yes" voice in my head spoke up and said, "just get out there and go as slowly as you need to." So, I did just that and really enjoyed my outing. I laughed at the post by one blogger who said she could swear that a snail waved at her as it ran past her. A slow pace is an accomplishment--it's better than not getting out at all.

Laura is a wonderful trainer. Her coaching is so very encouraging--she has convinced me that I can do this. I look forward to the days when I have a C25k workout.

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On this site 56 is the new 26, believe me I'm nearly 62 and had never run much before last August. The only reason I started this was I missed my bus because I couldn't run 20 yards!!

Well done for getting off the couch, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Do it at your pace and have fun. :)


Great practical motivation to do the plan!!


Great blog. Glad you are enjoying it - it is a great plan. I know the feeling about snails waving but who cares? You sound like you are already ever so slightly addicted! Look forward to your next blog.


you can see from the surveys that 10% of us are in the "older" group. With 2000 in the programme, that's 200 enjoying the feeling of moving our bodies faster than they've moved for some years :) Great, isn't it! :)


It may be trite..but it's all so true....."Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life"

Good running to you...whatever your pace, you're still going faster than the one on the couch.

Keep in touch...we enjoy hearing every story. We'll pat you on the back when you want it, and kick you in the "motivation" when you need it. (lol)

Have fun!


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