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Can't Stop Watching the Time

I completed run 1 of week 7 this morning, and felt like I had a few more minutes running in me.

However, I find the first half of the run so much more difficult. I have been going to the gym for years, and my exercise of choice has always been the x-trainer. I always try to beat the distance from the time before, and set it up on a program where it changes difficulty every 2:30 minutes. This has meant that I am always watching the screen for the time and making sure that I am going over a certain speed.

This causes a problem when running, as I am always looking at my watch. When the time gets under 10 minutes this is good because it spurs me on as I know I can finish easily, but at the beginning the time goes round so slowly and makes it seem more daunting than it is. I know this is silly, because as I said I finished relatively easily and could have done a few minutes more.

Has anybody else had this problem, and is there a point you get to when you can just run and not worry about the time,

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It is absolutely because you've switched from a distance target to a time target. I had the same problem doing the programme. I can tell you two things, and that is, once you graduate, you can switch back to a distance target (I haven't thought about the ticking of time once since graduation), but for now, try to vary your speeds (or gradient if you are on the treadmill?) every few minutes so you have something to keep you mind occupied with a bit of variation. Or, stick a podcast or your favourite album on and just concentrate on that. Happy running!


Leave your watch at home?


Ive been doing the c25k outside and my gf has been going on the treadmill as she works more normal hours and the gym suits her more . I tried the gym years back and to be honest it bored me silly but I accept its each to their own . Its 5 mins to my local park and I see trees a lake people walking their dogs, splash through puddles you get the idea . I love walking and seeing the world Ive tried every exercise there is and this suits me I think if I tried the treadmill its just wouldnt work. Im going to be bold here and say its boredom . If you work a standard 9-5 go out at 7am one morning . Ive finished the course now but I still strava it and try and beat my PB Im 50, overweight and my runnin gear is rather naff but I dont care . Id suggest you get outside and give it a bash . Listen to Laura and finish it dont worry about pace and time just let your body dictate what you do


If you listen to the podcast when Laura mentions the time intervals you can then keep your mind occupied knowing the rest will do it for you. Typical run for me 1. Are they really a couple ? 2. that dogs the size of a horse 3. Bugger its raining 4. Thats a nice old car 5. Shes fit (dont tell the gf ) 6. My mates seen me out of the window again and laughing . Time watching ? Nahh too busy :)


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