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I was starting the 10k training before christmas but due to work and school half term I couldn’t get out and so didn’t run for around 3 to 4 weeks. I prefer outdoor running but due to the unpredictable weather and been scared of slipping while icy I’ve got back into the gym this week and I’m struggling to get to the 5k. It could just be because I’m on the treadmill and can constantly see where I’m up to but any suggestions on what I should do? Should I go back to a certain week of the programme and work up again? Sorry for the long post!

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If you have a break of more than a couple of weeks you will lose condition. When you start back, be gentle on yourself, expect that you will lose condition and accept that you have to build up again. Only you can tell how far back you need to go. Try a twenty minute run, nice and slow, and if you are still feeling fresh at the end, run for a bit longer.

We all have to do this when we have a break. Just don't be hard on yourself.

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