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Interesting couple of weeks, Graduation, Running in the sun, running round a ship and being chased by zombies in new shoes!

I started my journey in early September 2017, I ran 3 times most weeks but missed a few weeks here and there traveling with work, I went back a few steps at times but I'm pleased to say that I finally made it!

I have just returned from a lovely holiday in Florida with a Caribbean cruise in the middle. I ran every other day for the two weeks and finally did my graduation run on the jogging track of the cruise ship docked in Cozumel, Mexico last week.

I have done three post-grad 30 minute runs since then, which is great but I really feel I need some targets and direction for my running future. So I'm trying Zombies Run, which after episode 1 seems to be quite fun and adds another little thing to make you push a little harder.

I also finally had my gait analysis done and am the proud owner of my first pair of dedicated running shoes.

If you told me six months ago where I would be now I wouldn't have believed it, but I am here, I'm incredibly pleased with myself and really looking forward to working hard to achieve more goals in 2018!

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for providing another level of motivation through your posts and advice on here!

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This all sounds brilliant! Hope 2018 continues as a great running year for you :)

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Thanks very much, and for you 👍


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