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Consolidation no. 4

On my last run I used the C25K+ speed podcast which I really enjoyed even though it was hard work! I did mess up because I didn’t realise that you are running for a shorter amount of time and I picked a route which was too long! Oops.

Today I went out with my Mum without any apps or podcasts speaking to me, it was lovely and I seem to have picked up the pace without struggling too much 😊

Not able to do park run this week due to 3 night shifts starting tonight so Monday will be the next run now 😀

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Yay! Well done 🙂👍. Sounds like it’s going well 😃

C25k+ is my fave, as everyone knows ☺️ I still do them to death 💪🏃‍♀️

They are excellent practice

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