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How do I get back to W7r2?

Before Christmas I was feeling fine and completed W7r1 quite easily. Then Christmas arrived - I didn’t run for about 6 days. When I tried W7r2 it was a massive fail. I decided to go back to start W6 last Saturday and now I just can’t get past W6r2. I have no puff!!! Before every run was an improvement on the one before and do I felt a real sense of achievement. Now I just feel disheartened, knowing what I could do and now can’t ☹️

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Have you tried slowing it down a bit? Are you sure you don't have a virus lurking?

Even if you're feeling well I'd still suggest you need to cut yourself some slack, because Christmas certainly takes a toll! Maybe try the W5R3, but make sure you're going reallllly slowly. If you can jussst keep yourself going and then if you feel ok, carry on running through the five minute cool down walk, and that will be your 25 minute run. If you don't manage all of 20 or 25 minutes that's ok, you will still have logged some continuous running.

You know you can do the 25 minutes, and you will again :)

This is kind of what I do when I don't feel up to a run - I trick myself basically. I think ok, I'll just do 3k or whatever, but I often find I feel better once I've eased into the run, and can continue for further.

Good luck - but you don't need it, because you can run for 25 minutes!!

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You can do it 🙂. You have to be a bit Zen about it. Relax and set out to enjoy it. Go nice and steady. Going slowly means you have enough puff to finish session



You sound as if you are a bit anxious about this. It is a running a training scheme, no big deal, which is best approached in a calm manner. As at any stage, if you can't complete, repeat until you can. If it really seems too much, drop back to W5R3.

Whichever you do, stay very positive and jog very slowly and then you will soon see success again.


It’s easy to get all wound up, predict trouble and then struggle....it’s not life and death; relax 👍

I would suggest just going out, not setting any targets and run very slowly and see how far you get. Whatever you do, give yourself a pat on the back and lots of praise.

Running is so much about the mental challenge/attitude. Let us know how you go on 🏃‍♂️👍🏃🏾‍♀️


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